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Navigating Success, Developing People

Commitment, engagement and a cooperative working climate - we give you the tools and competences you need, to successfully master leadership challenges.

Workshops and Leadership Development Programms

Our workshops consist of Individual Workshops you practice deliberately activating your inner strength and resources. With Leadership Development Programms, tailored to the specific leadership challenges in your team and company.

Trainings und Workshops

with topics such as

Strategic Agility

Solution Oriented Communication

Multi-Project Management


Trust-Based Leadership

Challenge: With increasingly dynamic and complex markets accountability, engagement and solution-orientation among employees has become a key success factor.

Without trust, however, all efforts to replace hierarchy with more agile and collaborative forms of cooperation is doomed to fail. What, however, can leaders do to facilitate trust in their team?

Design: In our workshop you gain a differentiated understanding of the most important insights of neurobiology and motivational psychology into the relationship between intrinsic motivation and trust. You learn to understand and avoid the pitfalls of trust based on a leap of faith. You are given the opportunity to discuss the greatest challenges to trust-based leadership in your organisational context. Together we develop tools and strategies for facilitating trust in your specific leadership contexts.


Individually Designed
Leadership Development Programs

In a detailed briefing session, we identify the specific leadership challenges of your company and define the central qualification goals of the program.

Qualification Goals

What are the key leadership challenges? What are the key qualification goals?


Inputs, case studies and practical exercises based on the everyday leadership challenges of the participants


Successfully transferring learning experiences to every day works situations with group exercises and individual coaching sessions.


We combine leadership experience with expertise in motivation, group dynamics and organisational context factors.

Resilience and Agility
- Strengthening the Synergy

Challenge: Continually coping with changing expectations, and making strategic decisions in complex situations and all this under high performance pressure. In our work world resilience  you practice deliberately activating your inner strength and resources. With Agility have become key leadership skills and success factors.

Solution: The good news: Resilience and agility are not skills we are either born with or not. Resilience is the foundation on which agility can grow and flourish. Agility enhances our ability to remain resilient by dealing adequately with different types of stress. Resilience and agility are the result of a complex interrelationship between cognitive, emotional, social and neuro-biological processes.

Design: In our 2 day workshop we examine this complex interrelationship. With mindfulness techniques you practice deliberately activating your inner strength and resources. With cognitive coping strategies you learn to confront your insecurties and maintain your ability to react in high stress situations.

Resilience and agility also have a strong social component. In the last part of the workshop we discuss which organizational and team factors have a positive, which a negative impact.

Two interesting and exciting days of self-reflection and insights await you. You learn to understand yourself and others on a deeper level, gaining discovering the potential of resilience and agility as a leader, for your team and your individual well-being.

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