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Empowering People

Veränderungen selbstbestimmte begegnen und proaktiv nutzenVeränderungen selbstbestimmte begegnen und proaktiv nutzen

Change as a Chance and Opportunity

Change is always a chance and an opportunity. It is a chance to clarify needs and goals, reflect implicit assumptions, to overcome fears and insecurities. Facing new challenges and developing new strengths needs courage and confidence.

Together we define goals worth fighting for. We help you learn new leadership skills and develop strategies for dealing with leadership challenges.

Enhancing your Leadership Skills.

Leadership Coaching

Successful leaders continually work on their leadership skills, rethinking their leadership strategies and creatively adapting them to new situations. In our leadership coaching we help you become the best leader you can. Together we develop strategies for effectively dealing with leadership challenges. You gain a continually better understanding of employee motivation, group dynamics and the use of key leadship practices. You learn to accept self-leadership as an important leadership competence, factoring your own needs into your leadership style.

Professional coaching is an effective form of  Lösungen entwickeln, that has a deep and lasting impact on your everyday work life.

The continual pressure to deliver high quality results, changing responsibilities and the both emotional and strategic challenges of leadership. For many professionals these stress factors are a regular part of work life. Without the right tools and techniques they can lead to a feeling of perpetual tension, exhaustion and in the long run even burnout. But what can you do to regain your inner balance, motivation and focus? 

In our coaching sessions we help you regain inner drive, creativity and inspiration, by implementing strategies for reducing stress factors, tailored to your specific needs, work context and goals. We help you make strategic decisions and set clear priorities . You learn to delegate when possible and set boundaries if necessary. Using mindfulness techniques you practice deliberately activating your inner resources and reap the rewards of consistent self care.

Strengthening your resilience

Widerstandskraft stärken
Neu in der Führungsrolle

Young Executives

Young executives that are new to their leadership roles often find it challenging to find the right balance between a relationship and a performance oriented leadership style. Finding a leadership style that fits both your personal inclinations and your job situation is a matter of time and practice. Professional coaching accelerates this learning process. We help you define your leadership goals, set clear priorities and effectively manage the expectations of both your team members and your own supervisors. Together we develop strategies for communicating unpopular decisions, dealing with difficult employees and giving feedback in critical situations.

Arbeiten in der VUKA Welt

Working in the VUCA World

Our world is becoming increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Working in the VUCA world bears both chances and risks for individual employees. In our coaching sessions you learn to use effective coping strategies for dealing with typical stressors in the VUCA world. Using the many opportunities of the VUCA world requires the ability to make strategically clever decisions in complex situations. We help you create a working environment that is in sync with your individual needs, values and goals.

Interkulturelles Coaching

Intercultural Coaching

In our globalised world intercultural contexts permeate many aspects of our working lives. Working in an intercultural context bears both many opportunities for positive synergies. Being able to use the full potential of intercultural work contexts is both a question of cultural awareness and an open mindset. We help you understand intercultural differences, explore positive synergy possibilities and establish shared norms and values.

Conflict Coaching.

Ongoing tensions, power games and elbow politics are stress factors with high costs both in terms of productivity and well-being. The longer a conflict remains unresolved the more entangled, messy and taxing it becomes. Often we feel that unnegotiable values and interests are being threatened. In our conflict coaching we help you deal with conflicts constructively. This means understanding the underlying issues, defining goals consistent with your needs, values and interesting and developing robust conflict resolution strategies.

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