As experts in the areas of leadership, communication, motivational psychology and group dynamics we provide your leaders with a deep and differentiated understanding of key leadership principals. Leadership is, however, first and foremost a practice. Our leadership programs are designed as a both cognitive and an experienced-oriented journey in leadership. Participants are given plenty of time for focused work on their concrete leadership challenges, assuring an effective transfer into the everyday work life of your leaders.


Leadership Workshops

We offer both Individual Workshops and to your specific business context, tailored to the specific leadership challenges in your team and company.


Our Leadership Workshops

Strategic Agility

Solution Oriented Communication

Multi-Project Management

Leadership Training
Trust-Based Leadership

Trust-Based Leadership

Challenge: In an increasingly dynamic and complex working environment companies are replacing hierarchical structures with more agile organisation forms.

Without trust, however, these efforts are doomed to fail. Trust is in many ways a precondition for agility. What, however, can leaders do to facilitate trust in their teams?

Workshop Design: We begin the workshop by addressing the conditions for trust-based leadership. You learn that trust based on a leap of faith is detrimental to a healthy team and organisational environment - from a neurobiological, a motivational psychological and an organisational perspective. We discuss how transparency, accountability and familiarity can be used to create a healthy foundation for trust based leadership. We explore the concrete challenges of trust-based leadership in your specific leadership contexts and develop strategies for building trust in your leadership roles.

Leadership Development Programm tailored
to your specific business context

In a detailed briefing session, we identify the specific leadership challenges of your company and define the central qualification goals of the leadership development program.

Qualification Goals

Together we identify leadership challenges and define qualification goals in the necessary detail.


Your leaders can look forward to a well designed learning journey, combining a differentiated understanding of key leadership principals with exerpeince-oriented exercises and in-depth discussions of concrete leadership challenges.


With peer group exercises and individual coaching sessions we assure an effective transfer to the everday leadership practices and behaviour of the participants.


We are a team of experts in the fields of leadership, communication and personal development with years of experience as leadership coaches and trainers.


Resilience and Agility,

strengthening the synergy

Challenge: Meeting high performance expectations while your roles and responsibilities are continually shifiting and being redefined, making strategic decisions under conditions of uncertainty while keeping an open mindset. In this type of working environment resilience  and agility are key leadership skills, survival and success factors.

Solution: The good news is that resilience and agility are not skills we are either born with or not. Resilience is the ground on which agility can grow and flourish. Agility provides resilience with the nourishment it needs to be sustained. 

Workshop Design: Resilience and agility are a result of a complex interrelationship of cognitive, emotional, neurobiological and social processes. In this workshop you gain a differentiated understanding of these processes and learn to use them to your own individual benefit.

With both cognitive and emotional coping strategies you learn to confront your insecurties and maintain your ability to perform well in high stress situations.

Resilience and agility also have a strong social component. In the last part of the workshop we discuss how organisational factors can be shaped to have a positive impact on the agility and resilience of individuals, teams and whole companies.

You can look forward to two days full of intersting insights, learning to understand both yourselves and othes on a different and perhaps deeper level.

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