Organisational Development

Creating Organisational Sustainability

Nachhaltigkeit durch VeränderungNachhaltigkeit durch Veränderung

Developing Organisations

Maintaining a competitive edge in highly dynamic market environments requires change intelligence. In organisational development processes there are no simple "when-then" rules. Which is why a professional understanding of the relevant context factors, the courage to question longstanding assumptions and a pragmatic sense of high impact change measures are key success factors. Together we develop a change architecture tailored to your specific goals and business context.

Organisational Development

Mit einem optimalen Fit zwischen strategic goals, structures, processes and leadership practices steigern Sie die Leistungsfähigkeit Ihrer gesamten Firma.



Wir betrachten Ihre Veränderungswünsche nicht isoliert, sondern mit einem differenzierten Verständnis von bestehenden Wechselwirkungen. Gemeinsam entwickeln wir Maßnahmen, die eine tiefgreifende Wirkung auf der Ebene tatsächlich gelebter Praktiken entfalten. Erfolgreiche Veränderung bedeutet auch nachzuhalten und wenn notwendig eingeschlagende Lösungswege anzupassen. Mit Pragmatismus und viel konstruktiver Energie sorgen wir dafür, dass Prozesse kontinuierlich reflektiert und evaluiert werden. Wir stehen Ihnen mit unserer organisationalen Expertise und langjährigen Change Erfahrung in allen Phasen Ihrer Organisationsentwicklungsprozesse als Berater und Sparringspartner zur Seite.

Strengthening the Agility of Your Company

In a dynamic market environment the intiative and engagment of your teams and individual team members is key to your ability to maintain a competitive edge. We help you implement tools and practices that increase the agility of your company by empowering your teams, while strengthing their performance and solution orientation.


Leadership Culture

Changing the leadership culture of an organisation per decree is not possible. How then can you successfully develop your leadership culture? A successful leadership development process requires having a shared vision of the leadership culture you want to live. Developing a mission statement can be a first important step in this direction. Ensuring a lasting impact in terms of actual leadership behaviour, however, requires much more. In every real development process there is a gap between what we aspire to and what we are currently able to achieve. Key to bridging this gap is an iterative and participatory leadership development process. To us developing your leadership culture means empowering your leaders to successfully deal with everyday leadership challenges while realising company and individual values in their leadership behaviour. Use our leadership and change expertise to design and implement a leadership development process that will have a deep and lasting impact on the quality of work in your company.

Empowerment: Real change inevitably means being confronted with a discrepancy. While perhaps genuinely wanting to live the mindset and values you developed together they will not necessarily have the skills it takes to do this. In order to close this gap I design leadership programms, tailored to the specific leadership challenges and developmental goals of your organisation. Successfully changing the leadership culture of your organisation, however, also requires the insitutionalisation of iterative learning and feedback cycles. Together we develop reflection and evaluation formats that are insync with the culture and operative reality of your company. 

Institutionalisation: In many organisations a leadership culture development process is considered finished with the development of a leadership mission statement or at the latest with the implementation of a leadership development programm. I stronly recommend going one step further. These measures will only have a lasting impact if you take the time for a "reality check". Are the structures, tools and practices of your organisation compatible with leadership culture you want to develop? Or do they function as impediments? If not pragmatic solutions are necessary. If you don't your leadership culture development will most certainly fail to have a deep and lasting impact.

Step by step I help develop the leadership culture you want.

Every aspect of work in a company is affected by its leadership culture. Harnessing the power of a constructive leadership culture is perhaps the most important step towards creating a company culture, in which employees thrive and develop a deep sense of commitment to company goals.

Strategic Positioning

In a fast paced competitive environment, companies need clear strategic goals to succeed. Implementing strategies is, however, always a complex process. Using the expertise of all relevant stakeholders in an integrative strategy development process is key to managing this complexity. Use our expertise in strategic positioning to accelerate your success.

Feedback Culture

Building a constructive feedback culture is a matter of combining a climate of recognition and mutual appreciation with a clear and actionable evaluation of performance. We help establish constructive feedback practices as an integral part of your company culture.

Intercultural Cooperation

In our globalised world intercultural contexts permeate many aspects of our working lives. Working in an intercultural context bears both chances and risks. We help you understand intecultural differences, explore positive synergy possibilities and establish shared norms and values.

Meeting Management

An increasingly complex and dynamic market environment requires well-tuned meeting structures. We help you reduce coordination costs and establish effective decision making processes.

Team Development

Establishing a cooperative, trust based working climate in your teams improves employee satisfaction and lays the groundwork for a healthy organisational culture.

Conflict Management

The longer a conflict remains unresolved the more entangled, messy and taxing it becomes. We help you understanding the underlying issues and find lasting solutions.

Success is less and less an accomplishment of lonely heros. In an increasingly complex and dynamic world companies need the ressources, expertise and collaborative effort of well functioning teams.

Team Development

Goal: Highly motivated employees, a cooperative work atmosphere, a deeply held commitment to common team goals, accountability and a solution oriented mindset - things both team leaders and most team members long for.

Challenge: Teamwork, however, doesn’t always meet the desired and necessary standards. Never ending discussions with ambiguous results, unclear responsibilities, an ineffective workflow – stress factors that have high costs. Among the most typical costs are frequent bottle necks, a high mistakes margin and a propensity for team conflicts.

Solution: The right team development measures can have a deep and lasting impact on the quality of work in your team. Based on our understanding of relevant context factors and group dynamics we help you realize the full potential of your team.


Together we

  • define team goals
  • identify antipatterns
  • activate team resources
  • Verantwortlichkeiten und Aufgaben neu
    zu defineieren
  • Entscheidungs- und Abstimmungsformate
    zu optimieren und
  • eine konstruktive Feedbackkultur zu etablieren.

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